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Why Build A Modular Building?

Build a modular building for up to 50% less per foot. Modular building designs are customized and remain scalable over time. Prefab buildings are a perfect solution to expanding your organization and can be finished in half the time. Modular prefab buildings, modular classrooms, modular offices and thousands of designs of prefabricated retail buildings for any use at the lowest prices.

Cost Of Modular Buildings
Lower Cost

Modular buildings can be up to 50% less expensive**. The speed of prefab building construction means moving in earlier and can translate to additional savings.

How Long To Build Modular Buildings
Built Faster

If your project requires a quick turnaround, modular office buildings can be built in as much as half the time of conventionally-constructed buildings.

Sustainable Modular Buildings
Good For The Environment

Modular building construction is more environmentally friendly. The factory that produces the prefabricated building modules means less waste by recycling and controlling inventory.

Modular Buildings Cost Of Ownership
Smarter Tax Depreciation

Prefab modular buildings have a more favorable depreciation schedule. Often modular office buildings can be on an accelerated depreciation schedule of 7 or 12 years instead of 35 years.

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How The Process Works

Sustainable Modular Buildings
Request Price And Features Quotes

Modular buildings prices are an attractive feature of building a prefabricated building. The factory that produces the modules creates less waste and completes the prefab building in 20-50% less time.

Modular Buildings Cost Of Ownership
Discuss Financing And Schedule

Modular buildin costs include a more favorable depreciation schedule. Your modular classrooms or office can be on an accelerated depreciation schedule of 7 or 12 years instead of 35 years.

Cost Of Modular Buildings
Classroom And Educational Use

modular classrooms have become the go-to choice for educational buildings and classroom uses. The ability to expand the prefab classrooms and low cost to build solve every challenge for educators.

How Long To Build Modular Buildings
Retail & Restaurant Buildings

With modern looks that are as attractive and original as conventional construction modular retail buildings have become a top choice for retail and restaurant owners looking to build a restaurant.

Sustainable Modular Buildings
Churches & Community Centers

Prefab church buildings provide a fast and cost effective solution to growing organizations and religious groups. Open prefab church building floor plans and beautiful attractive designs are perfect for church or modular community centers.

Modular Buildings Cost Of Ownership
In Plant Offices

Modular in plant office construction has long been the top choice for in plant office, modular guard shacks, security offices and prefab warehouse offices. Quick to build, flexible in size and scaleable designs make them perfect for plant use.

Modular Building Company FAQs

What is a modular building, modular classroom and modular construction?
Modular building construction is a process in which a building is constructed off-site in a controlled environment where quality can be best controlled. In the process a modular building company can use the same materials and designing to the same codes and standards as conventionally built facilities but produce less waste, faster building times and a more consistent product of building or classroom. Prefab office buildings, modular portable school buildings, prefabricated construction of churches and community centers and off site built buildings for retail locations all fall into this category of construction type.

How much does a portable classroom cost vs a modular school building?
Both portable classrooms and modular classroom building for education solve similar needs for education. Portable classrooms are the more flexible, scalable and lower priced option. A portable classroom will range about $800 to $4000 monthly and can generally be ready to use in 60-90 days. A portable classroom is temporary and is generally leased. A modular classroom building is a permanent structure with a life expectancy of 25-50 years or more. The low cost of a modular classroom comes when compared to convention buildings. Modular classrooms and are built on average for 20% less and have the added cost saving of less time required to build.

What are the common uses for modular prefabricated buildings?
The most common applications of prefabricated modular buildings is for modular offices, professional space, retail stores like auto dealerships and car washes, classrooms, community centers, modular churches and day care center buildings. Many people in the medical industries are also using them for labs, hospitals and modular medical center buildings.

Who can benefit from modular building designs?
Any industry can replace conventional buildings with modular buildings. The difference in final product is very small but the difference in cost and time to completion is very desirable. The biggest growth in application has come in the educational sector as colleges and fast growing school districts compare the price of modular buildings and choose modular classrooms as the smartest options.

Where have I seen modular buildings already being used?
Modular buildings for in-plant offices and warehouse offices are very common. Smaller application like modular security buildings, gate houses and drive up only retail locations have been dominated by modular for years. Modular workforce housing in the agricultural fields, dorms, and cost effective living quarters for companies is another application that dates back years.

How long does a modular building generally last?
While weather, climate and usage affect the lifespan of any building (not just modular buildings) then general expected lifespan of a modular building is about 25-35 years.

How long does it take to build a modular building?
A modular medical building, modular offices or modular retail locations can take any length of total time to build depending on the scale and design. Generally when you exclude the needed for site prep, less cleanup time and other factors the time to completion is ((Convention time to build)* .7) about 30% less time to build.

How do I get modular building company prices and price quotes?
Compare modular building price quotes from our top rated partners now. Compare the prices, designs, financing paths and past customer reviews from the top modular building companies and partners in the US.

How do I begin working with a prefab building company and start my modular building project?
We partner with enough top brands of prefabricated building companies that we can cover all 50 states and Canada. Companies that build prefab buildings include on site construction teams and factories for manufacture of modules or sections of your project. The first step to building a modular building is request modular building quotes and design samples directly from us. We will provide options of prefab building designs and modular building prices for our teams in your area and your project needs.

How much are prices of modular classrooms and how fast can they be built?
Modular and portable classrooms are in demand with all that is happening right now. Many school districts are researching prefab classroom buildings and portable classroom options for spreading out class sizes. Modular classrooms ae generally 20% less to build than conventional construction. Portable classroom buildings generally run about $3000 a month depending on the term and location.

What if I want to build a restaurant or build a retail store location with modular buildings?
When seeking to build a retail store location many people are concerned about the customization and custom look of their building. Prefabricated retail buildings come in thousands of designs and can look as original as conventional construction. Companies can build retail buildings in 30% less time and less cost as well. Faster to open is another way modular retail buildings are financially smart. How much is a modular retail store building? This comes down to size, location and design but as always average out at about 30% savings over non-modular building construction methods.

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